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RBS Building Services Ltd was founded initially in 1990 as 'RBS Shopfitters' and became a
limited company in 1996 as 'RBS Building Services Ltd'. The company that
currently employs in the region of 30 skilled tradesmen directly is based in
Kew, Surrey, UK.

Work carried out by the company is nationally from as far a field as Central
London to Edinburgh. Types of work carried out are based in the retail and
residential sectors.

Retail work is high spec fashion trade working with notable high street
brands such as Jigsaw and Hobbs.

Residential work is high specification working on a variety of domestic
requirements from refurbishment work to 1.5 million new build work with a
variety of acclaimed architects.

The company covers all aspects of the job from start to finish. The office
deals with all aspects of usual building preliminary work; in addition
services such as CAD are available. When on site all trade persons are
directly employed and accountable. The company also sees the importance of
training the younger generation of trade's persons who bring new ideas and
techniques to the company. On specialist work RBS has a superb portfolio of
bonafide subcontractors to maintain the consistent build quality.

RBS will always consider applications from highly skilled and qualified
'carpenters' and 'multi skill shopfitters' must have references and proven
track record.